Transfer and play Blu-ray movies on OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7T is a powerful android smartphone released in this year, it can work as the portable device to watch movies on the go. How to backup Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T smartphone and then play? What’s the best Blu-ray Ripper to convert Blu-ray movies on the market? Please follow this article to rip Blu-ray movies to compatible format of OnePlus 7T, and then play Blu-ray on OnePlus 7T smoothly.

Not long ago OnePlus released the 7T smartphone, as for the new flagship product of the T series, OnePlus actually has a very clear positioning for itself, maintaining the flagship product sequence, improving the details and making it more cost-effective. It is also around this center that T-series flagship products still have a certain weight in the minds of users. OnePlus 7T uses a 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED 90Hz screen. Unlike OnePlus 7T Pro’s double-curved screen, 7T is consistent with OnePlus 7, with a drop screen design and a 2.5D glass front. The quality of the screen covered by this front still supports a refresh rate of 90Hz, and the resolution is 2400×1080. From the actual functional experience, OnePlus 7T’s screen experience is very excellent due to the 402ppi. Besides the selection of screen color mode and refresh rate, there are also buttons for reading mode and video display enhancement, which is convenient for you to play movies with OnePlus 7T.

As OnePlus 7T smartphone is powerful, it is becoming more and more popular, because OnePlus 7T smartphone is very convenient for us to enjoy photos, movies, music songs, etc. when you have a lot of media files need to be played on the go, OnePlus 7T smartphone is a great choice for you. OnePlus 7T is quite essential to carry your movies on the go. You can backup all your Blu-ray disc movies to it for streaming or playing directly. In the content below we will share the way to copy Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T and then you can play Blu-ray on OnePlus 7T.

How to copy Blu-ray movies to OnePlus 7T?

“I am a movie fan so I love watching movies at anytime, with my OnePlus 7T smartphone I can get better enjoyment, the images are vivid, but until now I still don’t know the method to convert Blu-ray movies to OnePlus 7T, I know watch movies with OnePlus 7T is wonderful, and a few of friends want to play Blu-ray movies on OnePlus 7T, is there a way to copy Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T and then play on OnePlus 7T?”

“Hello, I have collected a lot of Blu-ray discs in this year, and I feel inconvenient to play Blu-ray discs through hardware player, so I would like to rip Blu-ray movies to OnePlus 7T smartphone and then play Blu-ray on OnePlus 7T, it is so convenient. But, how to copy Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T? All the purchased Blu-ray movies are protected and it is not possible to copy Blu-ray movies to OnePlus 7T for watching directly. Can you help me? Thanks!”

Just like the two problems showed above, recently there are a few of OnePlus users looking for the way to play Blu-ray movies on OnePlus 7T, on OnePlus 7T related forums there are a lot of this kind of playback questions asked. If you have ever purchased Blu-ray movies, you may know that all the Blu-ray discs are protected, you will not be able to copy movies from Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T or other playable devices for watching directly, they are copy protected and you can only play Blu-ray with hardware player. In this case, how can we play Blu-ray on OnePlus 7T freely? Please don’t worry about this issue, we have a powerful program that can help you to remove protection from Blu-ray movies, and convert Blu-ray movies into unprotected common videos, like MKV, MOV or MP4, and then you can play Blu-ray on OnePlus 7T or any playable devices freely, there will be no limitation anymore.

How to use Blu-ray Ripper for OnePlus 7T?

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful Blu-ray Ripper software on the market, with it you can remove Blu-ray copy protection from purchased Blu-ray or DVD discs. This software can convert these purchased Blu-ray movies to unprotected common videos, such as MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. and then you can play the converted movies on any playable devices. Now please free download this Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T converter from the link below and follow the easy steps below to convert and copy Blu-ray movies to OnePlus 7T.

Step 1. Free download Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T converter, you can choose Windows version or Mac version according to your need, please install this program on your computer, launch it you will see this Blu-ray Ripper program’s main interface.

Tip: You can read best Blu-ray ripping software reviews to get top Blu-ray Ripper as you needs.

Step 2. Please click “Load Disc” button on the top left corner to import the Blu-ray movies that you want to convert. You can load Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder or Blu-ray ISO image file.

Best Blu-ray Ripper to rip and backup Blu-ray movies

Step 3. After you imported the Blu-ray movies that need to convert, please click the format bar on the main interface of this OnePlus 7T Blu-ray converter, and then choose the output format according to your need, to rip Blu-ray movies to OnePlus 7T, we recommend you to choose “Common Video -> H.264 MP4 Video (*.mp4)” format, it is the best video format for OnePlus 7T, and this format can be well supported by nearly all the smartphones and tablets.

Rip Blu-ray to MP4 via best Blu-ray Ripping software

Step 4. Click the convert button on the main interface to start the Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T conversion process.

Acrok Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T converter will convert Blu-ray movies to OnePlus 7T at fast speed, video and audio synchronization is perfectly guaranteed by this powerful Blu-ray Ripper software, when the OnePlus 7T Blu-ray conversion process is finished, you can import the converted Blu-ray movies to OnePlus 7T via USB cable, and then you can play Blu-ray on OnePlus 7T with compatible format. Just take a try now, hope this Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T converter can help you to get better visual enjoyment, and it will become more convenient for you to access Blu-ray high quality movies.

Tip: No matter you have smartphones, tablets or 4K TV, Acrok Video Converter Ultimate can offer great help for you. As a professional Blu-ray Ripper, this Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T converter can get rid of Blu-ray copy protection, with the latest Blu-ray ripping tech it can rip Blu-rays to MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV and more, enabling you to play Blu-rays on OnePlus 7T, iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Pro, Sony 4K TV, Samsung 4K Smart TV, LG 4K TV, etc. you can convert Blu-ray movies to nearly all the playable devices, it is an useful tool for you to access Blu-ray movies via different devices.


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