Best Blu-ray Ripping Software Reviews – 2022

Get best Blu-ray ripping software to rip, convert and backup Blu-ray files.

Best Blu-ray Ripping Software Reviews – 2022

Blu-ray Ripper 2021 | Best Blu-ray Ripping Software Reviews

Are you a movis fan? When the blu-ray DVD comes out in the market, many were impressed by the high definition (HD) format. Some of you bought a lot of movies you loved on blu-ray DVD or even becomes the bluray movie collectors. Blu-ray discs gain the upper hand at showing the extremely high-quality picture and giving cinematic video experience, yet it is not that convenient as streaming videos to play whenever you want. Don’t worry! You can easily enjoy Blu-ray videos in lossless quality on whichever digital devices if you can rip the Blu-ray disc down. Read our Blu-ray ripping software reviews and choose more cost-effective software here.

ALL YOU NEED: An appropriate Blu-ray ripping tool.

In the following minutes, you are going to read through the top 11 Blu-ray ripping software, try to find the most suitable one for your PC or laptop.

No.1 – Acrok Video Converter Ultimate – Professional Yet Simple in Ripping Blu-ray

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac - Best Blu-ray Ripper

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is an outstanding Blu-ray disc ripper among all the other Blu-ray ripping applications. There are indeed many reasons behind its high rank. It supports to rip 4K Blu-ray without the loss of quality. And it features a host of output profiles, ranging from any popular smartphones to laptops, PS3 game console, and common streaming video types. All video types you need can be satisfied here so that you can conveniently play the Blu-ray video whenever and wherever.

It is known that Blu-ray discs are always encrypted so as to protect its copyright and prevent people from copying them. But backed by its advanced decryption technology, Acrok Blu-ray Ripper is able to crack all unprotected or protected Blu-ray discs to help you back up the high-quality movies, such as BD+, AACS, etc. On top of that, its acceleration functions add more charms to itself. You can quickly get the Blu-ray ripped within minutes on Mac or Windows. Free download the best Blu-ray ripping software.

Free try Acrok Blu-ray Ripper for Windows and Mac

Free Download Acrok Video Converter UltimateFree Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

• Rip not only physical drive – DVD/Blu-ray disc but also DVD ISO image in a virtual drive.
• Able to make 3D-related settings and the impressive list of video profiles suitable to any digital devices that should accommodate the needs of every user.
• Convert Blu-ray, DVD to any format for playing on any device.
• Support embedding new audio track and subtitles and add clipping, merging and editing features.
• Easy to operate within intuitive interface but meanwhile provide advanced configurations on the setting menu to personalize videos.
• Convert Blu-ray, DVD and any format for editng in any editing software.
• Pretty high conversion speed fueled by AMD APP, NVIDIA GPU, and Intel acceleration.
• Bypass all the copyright protection to enable any Blu-ray ripping activities.

• Available not free though with a trial version.

No.2 – Handbrake – An Open Source Video Encoding Tool (FREE)

Handbrake to Rip Blu-ray

Handbrake is a really powerful video encoding tool available for free use. It can rip Blu-ray discs and convert them into videos of any format working on your mobile phones, PCs, browsers and game console. While it is not designed with a superficial interface and not specified to newbies, it really caters to those who want to dig into making their own customized videos from Blu-ray.

• Support a large number of output formats.
• Full features to use for advanced computer users.
• Support batch conversion and chapter markers.

• Unable to rip copyrighted Blu-ray discs.
• Sophisticated for newbies in many detailed parts

No.3 – MakeMKV – Convert Blu-ray While Preserving All Meta Information (Free)

MakeMKV to Rip Blu-ray

MakeMKV is a one-click solution for converting AACS and BD+ protected Blu-ray discs and ISO counterparts into MKV files as is indicated by its name. It is characterized by preserving all the original video and audio tracks of Blu-ray, but it comes with a drawback of producing too large a video file. You can either choose to preserve all the chapters or delete some from the original files within clicks. Mac, Windows, and Linux are all supported in this program.

• Preserve all the meta information, including the audio type and track language as well as chapters information.
• Do not compromise quality.
• Decrypt AACS and BD+ protection for free.
• Preserve all the meta information, including the audio type and track language as well as chapters information.
• Do not compromise quality.
• Decrypt AACS and BD+ protection for free.

• Lack of personalization in editing and clipping.
• Output formats are limited such as Blu-ray to MOV, AVI or MP3.
• No decryption outside AACS and BD+ protection.

No.4 – Freemake Video Converter – Quick and Easy to Rip (Free)

Freemake Video Converter to Rip Blu-ray

Freemake Video Converter enjoys a great popularity thanks to its ease of use. With a slick interface, it provides a good selection of output options, including common video formats for Apple, Android, and other top-notch smartphones as well as for many tablets and game console. Like many other Blu-ray rippers, it offers you to clip out segments of a Blu-ray and make a few small editing selections. But all in all, these features cannot compete with other professional rippers. There is one lethal downside of it, which is automatically adding watermark to the ripped video.

• Convert Blu-ray discs 40+ hours without charging any fee.
• Support small editing, like rotating and adding black rim.
• Enable you to directly upload the ripped Blu-ray to YouTube.
• Able to add external subtitles.
• Integrate the technology of CUDA and DXVA for higher acceleration.

• Limited features compared with a more professional Blu-ray ripping software.
• Watermark the resulting video from the Blu-ray disc.

No.5 – WinX DVD Ripper Platinum – Convert Blu-ray as Fast as You Can Imagine

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a deceptively simple DVD ripping tool to backup your Blu-ray contents for later playback. It boasts almost all the boilerplate features that we need to rip a Blu-ray among all the product in the lineup, such as Crop & Expand, trimming, subtitles embedding, audio adjusting. With the help of the integrated CSS decrypter, it is able to bypass the anti-piracy protections which are frequent fixtures on commercial discs and make an exact duplicate copy of the Blu-ray disc. Above all, it earns a spot of our review for its high-speed conversion.

• Convert in a high-speed with NVIDIA CUDA hardware acceleration and Intel’s QSV are both supported.
• Work reliably on DRM-protected Blu-ray content and solve the 99 titles and scrambled picture.
• Able to clone Blu-ray to ISO image in high quality.
• Offer a trial version with free 15 days of a full-featured WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.

• Upgrade and post-sale for a licensed version support are sometimes out of reach according to many customers.
• Unable to load some DVDs encrypted by strong systems.
• No decryption outside AACS and BD+ protection.
• Cannot compress larger commercial DVD files to fit onto a smaller-capacity disc unless paying further.

No.6 – Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper – A Speedy Ripping Solution with Winning Features

Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper

As a standard Blu-ray editor, Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper should take pride in its abundant winning features to copy, rip and convert Blu-ray discs. It boasts built-in decrypter for almost all proprietary protection of Blu-ray manufacturers and goes the extra mile in video editing capabilities on its easy-to-use interface. For example, it supports personalizing screen editing by adding color contrast, crop & expand, trimming or adding watermark. 3D configurations can also be activated to add more depths.

• Large buttons and comprehensive Blu-ray ripping tools.
• Strong decryption power to bypass any disc protection.
• High copy speed.

• Exclude producing ISO disc-image files.
• Weak technical support and few program tutorials.
• In some cases, only the main subtitles are loaded into the output result.

No.7 – Leawo Blu-ray Ripper – A Handy Ripping Tool for Protected Blu-ray

Leawo Blu-ray Ripper

Like the above professional Blu-ray ripping solutions, Leawo Blu-ray Ripper has the same full ripping features to copy Blu-ray disc or the Blu-ray folders into any video formats with no quality loss. Powered by its excellent decryption technology, it easily removes common Blu-ray copy protections and region codes that block the copy of the disc. Multiple additional ripping functions are easy in touch, including subtitle and audio tracks selecting, 2D to 3D converting and practical video editing. It is suitable for Windows users while providing a counterpart for Mac users.

• Easy to use in a straightforward program interface.
• Powerful in removing Blu-ray copy protection: AACS, BD+ and the latest MKB, and ripping CSS-DVD discs easily.
• Support queuing up ripping lists and load multiple Blu-ray movies at a time.

• Unable to recognize ISO file (Windows version) or forced subtitles (if there is).
• Lower conversion speed compared with other professional Blu-ray rippers.
• No backup option for keeping original movie quality.
• GPU encoding is restricted to NVIDIA’s CUDA only.

No.8 – AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper

If you have an iPad you may have a lot of facilities from it. You can download software, take picture even make video with an iPad. But there is a thing that you can’t do with this device. You are not capable of seeing Blu-ray videos with your iPad. So, what can be done to fix the problem? A blu-ray ripper software can solve your problem easily.

AnyMP4 Blu-ray ripper is one of the best Blu-ray converting software in this world. Millions of users are using this software to backup their video file with legality. AnyMP4 is a prominent name of converting software. There is nothing to do worry about it.

With the help of this Blu-ray ripper you can convert your video file in any file format whether it is mp4, avi, flv, 3gp, avi, wmv, mkv or anything else. There are hundred percent assurances for the best quality video. The converted video will be of high quality. You will get the better service from this software.

AnyMP4 software has some excellent features those make it different than other software available in the market. Let us have a see in these features.

Rip Blu-Ray to audio or video: You can convert your blu-ray video in any file f ormat of audio and video. The process is very easy to convert the video file into any format you like including 4K/1080p videos. It support latest Windows 10/8/7.

Best experience of user: the software intuitive interface is easy to use. That makes the best experience to user. You can pick a snapshot from the video with this rip software.

Best experience of user: the software intuitive interface is easy to use. That makes the best experience to user. You can pick a snapshot from the video with this rip software.

Convert blu-ray to 2D/3D video: You can use the software to rip blu-ray (2D/3D) to 2D or even 3D video without losing the video quality. It offers five 3D modes.

Edit and enhance video file: Just like other blu-ray rippers, this software let you to convert and edit any video file. For example, you can set the resolution, bitrate and framerate, audio bitrate and encoder can be customized to your needs. You also can adjust the video contrast, saturation, hue, audio volume, add watermark, etc.

Playback on digital devices: You can import and export files from many digital devices to/from computer. Those portable devices included iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, PS4, 4K TV, Google Nexus, etc. So once you rip the movies, you can watch them with great quality.

Faster Speed: The software performs in 12X faster conversion speed than others. That will save your time.

These are the features that this AnyMP4 software offers you to convert your Blu-ray video file according to your choice.

No.9 – AinSoft Blu-Ray Ripper – Fast and Sleek

AinSoft Blu-ray Ripper

AinSoft Blu-ray Ripper mainly targets those who just want a simple and quick navigation in ripping Blu-ray and DVD. For newbies, it is extremely user-friendly without any extra flashy designs and you will never encounter operation difficulties thanks to its ultra simple interface. But for more advanced users, it is not satisfactory in that it provides meager functionality for video customization. Nor will you content by its lack of supplementary support to the software although you can still contact the company via email. Even so, it is capable to rival against the top ripper in conversion speed.

• Sleek and simple interface for newbies to easily navigate.
• Fast conversion speed almost on par with our top professional ripping products.

• Limited customization and no preview window.
• Minor loss of quality that can be perceived.
• No technical support provided.

No.10 – DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink

Available on: Windows

DVD Shrink is unique in its ability to back up an entire movie and compress it for burning to a blank DVD. A standard DV-R/RW disc is 4.7GB whereas most common films exceed that size. Therefore, DVD Shrink compresses the data from the original disc, making the file as small as possible.

You can create a compilation from one or more source discs, as well as discard any parts you don’t need. This software provides a solution to rip an entire DVD to your computer or reauthor the video to abandon chunks you don’t need.

Among the long list of the best Blu-ray ripping software above, you can definitely pick the right one for your laptop. Freeware is useful enough if you just want to make a full backup of your favorite Blu-ray movie and do not bother to purchase a ripper for extra ripping features and better resolution. Otherwise, make a professional choice which cannot only suit your high Blu-ray converting demand but also convenient for your operation. We will truly appreciate it if you do find this passage helpful.

No.11 – Xilisoft Blu-ray to Video Converter

Xilisoft Blu-ray to Video Converter is an exquisite software application that people can use to do Blu-ray to video conversions. Primarily, in its most basic form, users can easily download video files, and convert, or duplicate them into various formats directly from its interface. They can then watch them in multimedia devices such as iPads at the comfort of their homes.

Even though Xilisoft Blu-ray tool has several desirable attributes, its only limitation is that it cannot convert or rip the blu-ray discs with copy protection or copyright. However, it has many benefits that you can enjoy.

People who use the Xilisoft Blu-ray ripper have several advantages. These include:

i). Relative Ease of Use, convert fast!

Compared to other types of Blu-ray rippers, Xilisoft is very easy to use, especially if people only want to download and convert video files. It has a simple interface that can convert blu-ray videos into HD video formats or even 3D videos. For example, people can easily access video files from discs or mobile phone devices and convert them to many compatible high quality output formats.

Therefore, instead of spending a lot of time researching on whether a video file is suitable for their devices or not, they only have to download them in the software and let it do the hard work. The conversion process is pretty fast while still preserving HD quality.

ii). Easy Video Editing

To make your existing video even better, the software allows you to do editing liketrim, crop, add watermark, merge, split, and adjust effects. Not only that, you also can adjust the video settings like adjusting display contrast, brightness, saturation, as well as set the video and audio preferences like bit rate, frame rate, resolution, sample rate, etc.

You can run the program in the background while doing your computer tasks and convert several files at once to save your precious time.

iii ). Copy protection discs NOT supported

Even though this Blu-ray ripper is powerful and relatively easy to use, people may experience failure if the blu-ray discs are protected with AACS, BD+, CSS, etc. Therefore, you may need another program to decrypt it before use on the Xilisoft ripper.

The Xilisoft Blu-ray ripper is good software that people can use to convert and transfer videos to their desired formats. Even though it’s lack of build-in decryption option, it has a high throughput, quality output and is very easy to use make it one of the best blu-ray DVD ripper in the market now.


We put together this Blu-ray Ripper review to help you gain a better understanding of these great tools so hopefully we succeeded in that mission. Acrok software offers fixed program collapse caused by the BD+ virtual machine’s instability. This software can load DVD or Blu-ray disk in an improved way than others. It can decrypt, rip and convert discs with AACS, BD+, CSS and MKB protection.

It has a simple interface that is easy to the user. The interface is finished graphically that is also attractive too. Their improved converting process can easily perform a conversion. These are the special features that they have been modifying the software while making them up to date.

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