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Transfer and play Blu-ray movies on Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro

The Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro breathes much needed life into the premium Android tablet world, toting a pen in the process. In the box, you get the tablet, a quick charger and a USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor, as well as the pen. Display quality is solid. The front panel is home to a 10.1-inch, 1,920-by-1,200 IPS display with 224 pixels per inch. However, the same as other Android tablets, the MediaPad M5 Pro can’t play Blu-ray movies directly.

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Convert Blu-ray to DNxHD for editing in Avid Media Composer

In fact, there is hardly anything Avid Media Composer doesn’t support. It is completely geared towards any kind of workflow, be it cinema-based, television-based or internet-based. However, you want to import some clips on Blu-ray into Avid Media Composer for editing, you’ll be disappointed.

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How to Play Blu-ray movies on PS5 from USB

Sony PS5 is the hottest game console on the market now, a few of fans have waited this device for several years. Now you may have bought the PS5 to play games. Besides the games, PlayStation 5 can also work as movie player to help you play movies on your screen. How to play Blu-ray movies on Sony PS5? From this article you will know the best way to transfer movies from Blu-ray to Sony PS5, we will share the best Blu-ray ripping software with you, which can remove protection from Blu-ray disc movies, and then you can watch Blu-ray movies on Sony PS5 with supported video format.

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How to convert Blu-ray to H.264 MP4 for playing on Android tablet

Do you like watching Blu-ray movies on Android tablet? Maybe you have got an Android tablet and want to use it to play Blu-ray movies with supported format. In this article you will learn the best way to convert Blu-ray to H.264 MP4 for playing on Android tablet, you will be able to transfer movies from Blu-ray to Android tablet, and then you will be able to play Blu-ray movies on Android tablet with H.264 MP4 format, this is the best compatible format for Android tablet.

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How to convert and compress Blu-ray to H.265 MP4?

Do you want powerful Blu-ray converter software to help you convert and compress Blu-ray to H.265 MP4?? What’s the best Blu-ray Ripper software to convert Blu-ray to H.265? If you have bought some Blu-ray disc movies, you can follow this article to convert Blu-ray to H.265 MP4 video format for watching freely, there will be no Blu-ray copy limitation anymore.

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Watch Blu-ray movies on Vizio TV without Blu-ray Player

Can I watch Blu-ray disc on Vizio TV without Blu-ray player? Read this guide you’ll get the simple solution. With Blu-ray to Vizio TV Converter, you can convert Blu-ray to Vizio TV supported video format with fast speed. Then you can play your movies on Vizio TV with USB port.

Vizio TV is very popular on the HD TV field, in recent years Vizio has released so many excellent TVs, such as Vizio LED, LCD, and 3D Smart TV, nowadays many customers choose to buy Vizio smart TV to play high-definition movies on it. And it is convenient to put movies on USB flash drive and play on Vizio Smart TV via USB port. This article mainly aims to teach you how to copy Blu-ray to USB Flash Drive so that you can play Blu-ray videos on Vizio TV smoothly.

To copy a Blu-ray to a USB Flash Drive, you’ll need to find a program that can help you remove the copy protection and rip/compress Blu-ray to digital video files. To finish the task, here our best Blu-ray Ripper is highly recommended. It’s the ideal tool for ripping Blu-rays to movies and transferring to USB Flash Drives. It can do all types of ripping at the super-fast speed and use less memory without you having to worry about loss of original quality.

Free Download Acrok Video Converter UltimateFree Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

This easy to use tool is not only a wonderful program to backup Blu-ray to USB Drive, but also to rip Blu-rays to all the other popular video formats like MP4, AVI, MPG, M4V, MOV, FLV, WMV, MKV and more. The conversion will allow you to play and share videos on your Vizio LED, LED and Smart TVs, or other digital devices such as tablet, smartphone and more. Besides, it also supports backing up the whole content of Blu-rays without losing any data.

How to Rip and Copy Blu-ray to USB Flash Drive for Vizio TV

Step 1: Import Blu-ray movie
Launch Blu-ray to Vizio TV Converter. Click the button like a disc to add Blu-ray to the Vizio TV Video Converter. You can tick the box in front of the file you want to rip. If necessary, you can double click the each file to have a preview.You can also add DVD files, Blu-ray folder or other common formats.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate - Top Vizio TV Video Converter

Tip: For converting the downloaded moveis to Vizio TV playable format, please click “Add file” icon to select the videos.

Step 2: Choose desired subtitles (Optional)

Select the main title and set subtitles/audio language you’d like to preserve. If you do not want to rip Blu-ray with subtitles, please skip this step.

Step 3: Choose output format

USB flash drive supports storing almost all kinds of video formats. However, when linked to a device for playing, the video file should of the format accepted by the device, for example, a smart TV, a computer and a desktop. So you are required to figure out the exact input video formats supported by the device you are to play the Blu-ray files with. Generally, H.264 MP4 is recommended since it has wide acceptance, good video quality and small file size.

Convert MP4, MKV, AVI and Blu-ray to Vizio TV supported format

Tip: With the right settings you can retain the quality of the original Blu-ray while also saving space. Simply click Settings bar and you can tweak the video size, bitrate, frame rate, etc.

Step 4: Start ripping

Click convert button to start converting Blu-ray movies to Vizio TV supported video format. After conversion completes, press “Open” to locate resulted files. You can watch Blu-ray movies on Vizio TV without Blu-ray player now.

To watch the converted Blu-ray movie from a USB flash drive to Vizio TV follow the steps below.

1. Connect the flash drive to the USB port of the Vizio TV.
2. Press the MENU button on the supplied remote. Press the UP or DOWN arrow button to go to Video, then press the select or enter button. The file or folder list will appear.
3. Press any of 4 arrow buttons to select a file or folder, then press the select or enter button. When you select a folder, select a file then press the select or enter button. Playback will start.


Transfer and play Blu-ray movies on OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7T is a powerful android smartphone released in this year, it can work as the portable device to watch movies on the go. How to backup Blu-ray to OnePlus 7T smartphone and then play? What’s the best Blu-ray Ripper to convert Blu-ray movies on the market? Please follow this article to rip Blu-ray movies to compatible format of OnePlus 7T, and then play Blu-ray on OnePlus 7T smoothly.

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How to watch Blu-ray movies on Google Pixel 4?

Google Pixel 4 is one of the most advanced android smartphones on the market, it has used many new technologies to offer more amazing features. Pixel 4 smartphone has used better screen compared to the previous version, so it is great for you to convert Blu-ray to Google Pixel 4 video formats for playing. How to play Blu-ray movies on Google Pixel 4? Follow the content below you will get the easy solution to play Blu-ray on Google Pixel 4 freely.

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Best Blu-ray Ripping Software Reviews – 2020

Are you a movis fan? When the blu-ray DVD comes out in the market, many were impressed by the high definition (HD) format. Some of you bought a lot of movies you loved on blu-ray DVD or even becomes the bluray movie collectors. Blu-ray discs gain the upper hand at showing the extremely high-quality picture and giving cinematic video experience, yet it is not that convenient as streaming videos to play whenever you want. Don’t worry! You can easily enjoy Blu-ray videos in lossless quality on whichever digital devices if you can rip the Blu-ray disc down. Read our Blu-ray ripping software reviews and choose more cost-effective software here.

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How to watch Blu-ray movies on iPhone 11 Pro Max?

For a sub-$999 price, the Applei iPhone 11 Pro Max is a fully functional iOS 13.1.2 hybrid smartphone, and the natural successor to the netbook ideal from a few years ago. The 6.5-inch screen has a 1,242 by 2,688 pixels resolution, compared to the 1,080 by 2,160 resolution on the Google Pixel 3. Because of the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s price and other features, the lower resolution is forgivable. However, just like other IOS devices, iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t come with a Blu-ray drive, which means you can not directly play Blu-ray disc on iPhone 11 Pro Max. But there is an easy way to watch movie Blu-ray movies on it. In this article, you will show you how to convert Blu-ray to iPhone 11 Pro Max supported video formats with excellent quality.

Though HEVC/H.265 video format is not as popular as before, sometimes we still need to convert videos to HEVC/H.265 format, such as playing on smart tv, syncing to iPad Pro. And, some people need to rip Blu-ray disc to HEVC/H.265 (.mp4) video format. If you try some free Blu-ray ripper, you will fail due to some performance problems. But now, you can get the assistance of Acrok Video Converter Ultimate, which has the ability to convert any Blu-rays to H.265/HEVC MP4 or any other common video formats if necessary.

To be honest, get a stable program is important to finish the Blu-ray to iPhone 11 Pro Max playable format conversion. And Acrok Blu-ray Ripper is what you need. This program is specially designed to solve the problem of video conversion as well as Blu-ray ripping process. For the video conversion, it supports almost all the common audio/video formats. For the Blu-ray ripping, you can convert Blu-ray to any video or audio format you like including MP4m M4V, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, etc. The most obvious advantage of Acrok program is the 10X conversion speed which can save you a lot of time. With the support of NVIDIA CUDA, NEVENC, AMD and Intel HD GPU acceleration technology, you will experience the fastest speed to complete a process. Now follow the 1-2-3 steps, you will find the conversion from converting Blu-ray movie to iPhone 11 Pro Max compatible format is so easy and fast.

Free download Blu-ray to iPhone 11 Pro Max Converter

Free Download Acrok Video Converter UltimateFree Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Step by step guide to rip Blu-ray for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Step 1. Load Blu-ray Disc

To get start, you’ll need to insert your Blu-ray into the Blu-ray drive of the computer. Now Launch the iPhone Blu-ray Ripper and click the “Load disc” icon to load the Blu-ray content to this program. Normally, it will spend few minutes to load the Blu-ray disc.

iPhone Bluray Ripper

Tip: Acrok Video Converter Ultimate allows you to convert almost all existing formats, including AVI, FLV, MP4, M4V, MKV, MXF, MTS, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, WMV, ASF, AAC, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA and more.

Step 2. Choose MP4 Format

Next, choose H.264 MP4 or H.265 MP4 as output format from “Format” > “Common Video”.

iPhone supported video format

Tips: Click the Settings button, you can customize the video quality, video size, resolution and audio channel etc. If you want to make your video better, you can use the “Edit” and “Video Enhance” option to do some editing activities and optimization.etc.

Step 3. Convert Video to MP4

After all the settings, click the “Convert” button to start converting your Blu-ray to MP4 format. The pop-up window will show the progress of conversion. You just need to wait for the conversion to be done.

That’s it! It is simple as 1-2-3. Now you know how to convert any Blu-ray movie to iPhone 11 Pro Max supported video format with high quality and fast speed. So it must be time for starting your own conversion. Take a try with Acrok.